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Highlights of the Month

Costadila “O-X” 2020, Veneto, Italy

Grape: Glera, Pinot Nero


I love unconventional wines and I bet you do too. Would you believe this is a Prosecco? The Glera grape is the new name for the Prosecco grape variety (not style). The only difference here, is that instead of having a second fermentation in large tanks, the wine is bottled straight away where it keeps on fermenting. This very old technique of making sparkling wine is called “Méthode Ancestrale”. 


Founded in 2005 by Ernesto Cattel, Costadila creates wines without following the latest trends. He makes the most out of top-quality grapes that grow in the region. 


For this particular bottle, Pinot Negro was added to give this pink-like colour to the wine. It’s floral and fruit while still being fresh and elegant – a completely new way to enjoy your classic Prosecco.

Available in the Treasure Box

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Ciello “Baglio Antico Bianco” 2020, Sicily, Italy

Grape: Catarratto


We don’t hear much about Sicilian wines, which is a travesty. Why? Because you have the utmost natural resources such as a volcano that offers incredible volcanic soil. 


The Vesco family is here to bring it up a notch. Working solely with natural viticulture, these guys are objectively bringing Sicilian wines into the 21st century. They are also changing the minds of the islanders through their minimum-intervention wines – for a more sustainable future. 


This is their 100% Catarratto with skin contact. If you aren’t familiar with orange wine, you’re welcome because this is a superb introduction. Clean, aromatic and shows great notes of ripe fruits, herbs and spices.  

Available in the Drinker Box


Brand Bros “Riesling Pur” 2019, Pfalz, Germany

Grapes: Riesling


Who doesn’t love a great family story? Here’s a good one for you. Daniel and Jonas Brand (brothers, of course) took over their family vineyard in 2014. They did this to turn it into an organic and natural wine-making company. This is not an easy move when you’re the 5th generation winemaker in the family! One of their changes to the vineyard was to use only plant-based products to keep their vines healthy – vegan, if you will. 


You can really taste love in every sip of their wines. Speaking of love and family affairs, their grandma is also involved in the business – she creates the labels. 


This one is their Riesling, fermented in old oak barrels before being aged in tanks for eight months. It’s cloudy, pale yellow, and has vibrant tropical fruit and aromas along with being salty with a touch of lemon peel. It offers the perfect balanced body with subtle and delicate tannins. Make sure you give it a good shake before serving and you’ll be rewarded with a blissful olfactive and gustative experience.

Available in the Treasure Box


Domaine de Roches Neuves “Domaine” 2020, Loire Valley, France

Grape: Cabernet Franc


Domaine de Roches Neuves indeed has earned a standing ovation in the natural wine movement. Acquired by Mary and Thierry Germain in 1991, they made the turn into an organic and biodynamic farm soon after. 


This vineyard goes above and beyond. They only work with two grape varieties – Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc, giving them the chance to experiment and reach supreme mastery in winemaking. All the while, whilst working with a small team of only 11 people. 


This is their 100% Cabernet Franc which was harvested earlier making it unbelievably fresh and bright. Pleasant red berries on the nose, it’s airy and fruity, making it super versatile and ‘oh so!’ delicious to drink. 

Available in the Drinker Box


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Aurore Juin

Sooooo, I’ve been working on a little project to replace my current packaging for #nicpicks. I couldn’t bare the thought of promoting sustainability and sending my wines in boxes (even if they were made from recycled cardboards), so I’ve created my own multipurpose eco-friendly tote bag which will now be use for all deliveries!

But that’s not all. To pimp it up, I’ve decided to collaborate with different artists to create an illustration that represents themselves and #nicpicks. For the first 100 bags, I brought from home a friend who designed labels for @vignobledelabauge and who conquered my eyes with her soft porn series! Her name: Aurore Juin.


Freelance illustrator, Aurore Juin left her beloved France to continue her journey in Montreal. After her illustration studies in Dawson College, she explored a ton of different mediums to express her sensuality and sensibility. Super introverted, ex-musician terrorised by the stage, she found her place with visual arts where she could be vulnerable without performing live.

She got noticed for her “Porn pour les romantiques” series where she tackled different themes like contacts, diversity and physical touch during the world pandemic. A lil naive, but not quite. A lil erotic, but not too much. What more do you want to showcase the sensuality of natural wines?


To check her work, go have a look at @aurorejuin_vic3roy_ on Instagram!

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