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Highlights of the month

The Winery of Good Hope “Bush Vine Chenin Blanc” 2018, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Grape: Chenin Blanc


Alex Dale was my first South African wine hero! I’ve worked with his wines from both Radford Dale & The Winery of Good Hope for a while now and I’m always excited to see how people react to them. He is a true member of the natural wine movement. Not only is he practicing traditional, natural viticulture and winemaking methods, his wines are different and stand out taste wise! In addition, Alex is really working closely with his community by hiring multicultural local talent and providing benefits not only to his employees, but to their families too. Here is his Chenin Blanc made with grapes picked at different levels of ripeness to create good acidity, fruitiness and depth.

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Marc Delienne “Arpaye à la Folie” 2017, Saint-Amour, France

Grape: Gamay


Bye, Bye Paris tech job, bonjour super beautiful life in Beaujolais! That’s basically what happened to Marc when he decided to fully embrace his love for natural wine and started his own vineyard. And what a place! First of all, it’s called Château de l’Abbaye. Second of all, his vines are like 40-80 years old (which is considered old, by the way). Finally, he uses concrete vats, indigenous yeast, minimal pumping and that’s it! What you taste is the pure expression of his land and the quality of his fruits. Arpaye à la Folie is this fresh cherry-strawberry, almost medium body Gamay which gives me this beautiful lively crunch but also a spiced finish. I love Gamay. And you will too!

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Scott La Prova 2019, Adelaide Hills, Australia

Grape: Pinot Grigio


Vitality and freshness! This is what Scott is striving for whenever he makes a wine. When the grape is ripe enough, the wine making process starts, on the day itself. That’s how you keep it fresh! His understanding of the terroir brought him to go full on Italian in terms of grape varietals for his La Prova vineyard. Why? Adelaide Hills are these beautiful, sunny and dry regions where the grapes flourish. Think of it as a second home for them. Oh, and it’s all-natural baby! Chemical free, handpicked, indigenous yeast, old oak, avoiding filtering, fining and additives. This Pinot Grigio is bright and vibrant! Giving me green apple with a crisp and refreshing palate.

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Terramater “Unusual” 2010, Maipo Valley, Chile

Grape: Zinfandel


Terramater is really cool. You might have seen some labels around because they have more approachable ones, but those that I like are their special, small batch projects! The vineyard was created in 1996 with the three Canepa sisters (well established Chilean wine royalty) with a goal of bringing healthy and fine Chilean products to the world. You guessed it, they succeeded of course! Not only their extra virgin olive oil is Chile’s best, their wines achieved a level of refinement that is unbelievable! This “Unusual” gets his name by the fact that it is probably the only Zinfandel plot in South America (I mean, where else?). It makes a full red that gives it all: figs, plums, berries, coffee, dark chocolate, spices… Let it breath as long as you can and you’ll be rewarded with liquid gold!

Available in the Treasure Box

Terrameter Unusual.jpeg