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Highlights of the month

Franck Massard “Mas Amor Rosado” 2018, Catalunya, Spain

Grapes: Garnacha, Tempranillo


I am someone who really loves craft. Even if I’m not crafty myself haha! This is why I always look at the winemaker when I want to know more about a wine. Yes, the history of the land is important, but it is truly the person behind the label who can bring a wine to life! This is why I love Franck Massard. He started as a sommelier and became super big because, the guy is talented! Looking for the next step, he decided to start his own vineyard in 2004 in Priorat (not bad for a start!). Since, he’s been transforming old tired lands into beautiful eco-systems, prioritizing natural winemaking. His rosé “Mas Amor” is a beautiful example of his talent: light, complex, herbal, fruity, fresh... and the list goes on! Splendid.

Available in the Starter Box

Mas Amor.jpeg

Bénédicte & Stéphane Tissot “Crémant Rosé” NV, Côtes du Jura, France

Grapes: Pinot Noir, Trousseau, Poulsard


I am so happy that people start to explore other French wine regions like Jura! The more diverse, the better! Stéphane’s parents started their own vineyard in the 60s and soon, he was full on into the work. I mean, his first cuvée was when he was 19 years old. Who else can say something like that!? His style was a bit different than his peers, preferring spontaneous fermentation over the addition of yeast. Later, he converted to organic farming, then biodynamic. By that time, he had already made a name for himself and shown the world, the future of Jura’s wines. This is his “Crémant Rosé” aka sparkling-Champagne-non-Champagne-rosé. Lively yet refined, red berries heaven, just enough minerality and a touch of flower scent! That’s what’s waiting for you ~

Available in the Treasure Box


Domaine Begude “Sipiona” 2019, Languedoc, France

Grapes: Chenin Blanc, Gewurztraminer

How exciting! Another new label to discover together this month! The land where Domaine Begude was built has been gracing the Earth with its delicious grapes for over 300 years, but the real journey started in 2003 when James & Catherine bought a piece of it. This thoughtful English couple went green on their approach to the soil and boy, it paid off! This orange wine was macerating on skins for months giving it a extraordinaire tannic structure, quite earthy, with a sharp acidity. With only 500 bottles made, you can either decide to age it a little bit more to experiment or try it now that it’s fresh and lively. The choice is yours ~


Available in the Drinker Box


Sons of Wine “Fun Da Mental” 2019, Alsace, France

Grape: Pinot Gris


Don’t you just love it when you receive a parcel after waiting for it for what seems like forever? Well, let’s just say that KL just got a lot more exciting with the arrival of the Sons of Wine’s labels! Farid Yahimi, the man behind it all, has proven to the world his passion for making natural wine. The guy is impressive: almost 20 years of natural wine making, co-founder of the Association des Vins Naturels, first natural wine merchant in Alsace… That says a lot, but it is really when you try his wines that you understand the beauty of it all. Not afraid to experiment (aged under the sea, really?), all his wines are made with zero sulphite. This Pinot Gris went through a bit of ageing in Austrian barrels, giving it an extra level of complexity, but what this wine really is, it’s fun! A fresh, cloudy, vibrant bottle of fun.

Available in the Treasure Box


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Aurore Juin

Sooooo, I’ve been working on a little project to replace my current packaging for #nicpicks. I couldn’t bare the thought of promoting sustainability and sending my wines in boxes (even if they were made from recycled cardboards), so I’ve created my own multipurpose eco-friendly tote bag which will now be use for all deliveries!

But that’s not all. To pimp it up, I’ve decided to collaborate with different artists to create an illustration that represents themselves and #nicpicks. For the first 100 bags, I brought from home a friend who designed labels for @vignobledelabauge and who conquered my eyes with her soft porn series! Her name: Aurore Juin.


Freelance illustrator, Aurore Juin left her beloved France to continue her journey in Montreal. After her illustration studies in Dawson College, she explored a ton of different mediums to express her sensuality and sensibility. Super introverted, ex-musician terrorised by the stage, she found her place with visual arts where she could be vulnerable without performing live.

She got noticed for her “Porn pour les romantiques” series where she tackled different themes like contacts, diversity and physical touch during the world pandemic. A lil naive, but not quite. A lil erotic, but not too much. What more do you want to showcase the sensuality of natural wines?


To check her work, go have a look at @aurorejuin_vic3roy_ on Instagram!

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